Windmasters’ Hill Baronial Champions – 2003

Arabic and Spanish feast.

This was my third feast and was partially documented from Caridoc’s Miscellany’s Arabic sources, with a few recipes from a Catalan source and the remainder undocumented.

First Course:

  • Folded Bread with Zabarbada (a savory cheese sauce)
  • A tray of savory treats, including:
    • stuffed eggs
    • orange slices garnished with radish relish
    • fresh cucumber pickles with mint
    • almond-stuffed prosciutto-wrapped dates

Main Course:

Served on 3 platters:

Platter 1:

  • Rice
  • Thumiyya – A Garlicky Chicken Dish
  • White Tharidah of Al Rashid – Kid stewed with Chickpeas
  • Bustaniyya  – An Orchard Dish – Chicken and Lamb with Peaches and Pears

Platter 2:

  • Couscous
  • Raisin-Onion Tagine
  • Buraniyya – Princess Buran’s Eggplant
  • Muziwarra – Spiced Lentils

Platter 3:

  • Millet Polenta
  • Gualine ab Salsa Blanqua – Chicken with White Sauce
  • Pex Ffrit ab Esquabey – Fried Fish with Sauce Esquabey 


  • Baqlawa min Semsem wa Fistuk – Baklava with Sesame Seeds and Pistachios
  • Hulwa – Sesame-seed candy
  • Khushkananaj – a nut pastry
  • Arros ab Let de Amelles – sweet rice with almond milk and spices

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