Battle of the Oranges – 2008

15th century Italian feast based on Martino and Platina.

Battle of the Oranges was a small feast, for roughly 80 people in a hall with a quite tiny kitchen. As the event was based on a “food fight” held in Ivrea, Italy; the menu was based mainly on dishes from Martino and Platina.


1st Course:

  • A platter of greens, lightly dressed with oil , vinegar and herbs and ornamented with fresh fruits – Platina
  • Hand-made ravioli stuffed with cheese – Martino
  • Cold roast chicken with a variety of savory sauces – Martino
  • “Stuffed” eggs, lightly fried – Martino
  • An assortment of candied nuts – Platina

2nd course:

  • Roasted pork with a savory herb-and-dried-plum filling – Martino
  • Catalan “Mirause” (Chicken in cinnamon-almond sauce) – Martino
  • Tagliarini (Pasta with arugula) – Martino
  • Genoese Onion Tart – Martino
  • Eggplants a la Neopolitan – Neopolitan Collection
  • Fennel buns – Savory yeast rolls with fennel seeds – Platina

3rd course:

  • Fritters of apple and sage leaves – Martino
  • Candied spices – Platina
  • Quince paste and cheese – Platina

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