Fine Wheat Rolls

What, Where, When

  • Fine white wheat rolls were prized as a food for the nobility throughout Europe, and  Kievan Rus was no different. Although wheat did not grow well in northern Russia, it was imported from the Balkans and the Black Sea region. 
  • This is a simple yeast-raised dough; extensive kneading isn’t required due to the high moisture content and long slow fermentation for gluten development.  These are soft, yeasty rolls, almost like a modern Parker House roll without the butter, and are most analogous to “Paindemain” type rolls.


Fine Wheat Rolls

Soft yeast rolls, using a no-knead technique.


  • 2.5 cups bread flour

  • 1/2 tsp instant yeast

  • 1 tsp fine salt

  • 1.25 cups water

  • Additional flour for making rolls


  • Stir all ingredients together to form very sticky dough in a large bowl, allowing room for dough to double. Leave to rise overnight, in refrigerator.
  • Carefully fold dough over in the bowl about 12 times, dusting with flour as needed just enough to make a workable dough.
  • Divide into 8 parts by weight, cutting the dough rather than tearing it. Form each part into a roll. Note: for a more detailed tutorial on forming the dough into rolls, please see photos here.
  • Bake rolls at 450 until golden brown. You can use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the rolls; these rolls are done at approximately 190°.

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