Baronial Champions – 2006

14th century German and 15th century Italian.

On July 8th, 2006, I was head cook for Windmasters’ Hill Baronial Champions.  There was no particular theme for the event; so I chose to honor the Baronage by choosing a course of dishes to match each of their personas – 14th century German for His Excellency Geoffrey, and 15th century Italian for Her Excellency Maddalena. The menu was as follows:

German Course:

Based on Ein Boke von Guter Spise.

  • A Platter of Assorted Tarts:
    • Heidenische kuchen (Heathen Cakes) – Small tarts filled with duck and apples.
    • Ein gut gebackenz (Good Pastries) – Morsels of egg and cheese wrapped in pastry and baked (vegetarian)
    • Eine kluge spise von pflumen (Clever Food of Plums) – Plum Pastries (vegetarian)
  • Ein gut spise der hüenren (A good food of hens) – Chicken with pear and quince sauce
  • Ein gut spise von eime lahs (A good food of salmon) – Salmon cooked in pastry with herbs
  • Bern und clein compost (Pickled vegetables) – Assorted vegetables pickled with caraway and honey (vegetarian)
  • Ein morchen mus (A carrot puree) – Carrots with almond milk (vegetarian)

Italian Course:

Based on Libro per cuoco.

  • Panicata con agresta e de l’ ocha (Millet with Verjuice and Goose) Millet Polenta with roast goose and verjuice sauce
  • Porchetta rosta e cervellade bressane (Roast Pork and Yellow Sausage) – Roast pork and homemade sausages, served with an assortment of sauces, including garlic sauce, carmeline sauce, and mustard.
  • Fongi (Mushrooms) – Mushrooms sautéed with onions and herbs (vegetarian)
  • Torta de herbe (Herb Tart) – Spinach Tart with cheese and eggs (vegetarian)
  • Assorted sweets – Candied ginger, candied horseradish, and candied caraway seeds.

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