Paindemain is a wheat bread, described as being served at the highest tables of the nobility of France and England during the Hundred Years’ War. Fine and white, baked in small, round loaves, it was prized for a delicate texture, and considered indulgent enough to be forbidden during Lent in 1417 by Henry V. This [...]

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This fruit tart bears similarities to a modern tarte tatin, with apples and pears sautéed in butter before being placed in a pastry case. A sprinkling of rosewater and some biscotti crumbs only serve to enhance the floral flavor... Per far torta di mele appie, & peré Fiorentine. Piglinosi le dette pere, & mele senza [...]

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Freestanding Pork and Beef Pie

Pyes de Parez

Pyes de Parez, a medieval pie recipe, is based on 3 substantially similar 15th century English recipes. With a filling of slow-braised beef and pork, studded with sweet fruit, and a free-standing lard crust, it is both succulent and substantial. Harleian MS. 279 (England, 1430) To mak pies of paris Take & smyte fayre buttys [...]

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A Bread Tart

My interpretation of a bread tart is a dish somewhere between custard and bread pudding, baked in a pie shell. The original recipe is by Sabina Welserin, who wrote her cookbook in 1553, in what is now Germany. This tart and documentation were entered in the 2006 Royal Baker of Atlantia competition. 136 A bread [...]

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