Golden Chicken

A boneless whole chicken, glazed in gold... this entremet is based on two recipes from Le Viandier du Taillevent, and is an elegant and convenient way to serve a "whole chicken" without the hassle of carving.

Cameline Sauce, Three Ways

Cameline sauces were popular throughout the 14th and 15th century, and were found in every French cookbook of the time. Though these sauces shared a name, and a signature ingredient (cinnamon) they varied in many other ways. This post compares three example recipes.

Gilded Beef Pie

A free-standing beef pie with gilded knot work decoration.


Paindemain is a wheat bread, described as being served at the highest tables of the nobility of France and England during the Hundred Years’ War. Fine and white, baked in small, round loaves, it was prized for a delicate texture, and considered indulgent enough to be forbidden during Lent in 1417 by Henry V. This [...]

This fruit tart bears similarities to a modern tarte tatin, with apples and pears sautéed in butter before being placed in a pastry case. A sprinkling of rosewater and some biscotti crumbs only serve to enhance the floral flavor... Per far torta di mele appie, & peré Fiorentine. Piglinosi le dette pere, & mele senza [...]


Ne Rien de Moitié - Nothing by Halves.

Freestanding Pork and Beef Pie

Pyes de Parez

Pyes de Parez, a medieval pie recipe, is based on 3 substantially similar 15th century English recipes. With a filling of slow-braised beef and pork, studded with sweet fruit, and a free-standing lard crust, it is both succulent and substantial. Harleian MS. 279 (England, 1430) To mak pies of paris Take & smyte fayre buttys [...]

In 14th century Europe, spices had the ability to capture the imagination in a way few other luxury items could match.

Redacting Period Recipes

What do we mean by "redaction?" From the Oxford English Dictionary 1st edition in 2 volumes, vol 2, pg 293: Redact - past participle 1. Brought together in a written form (1432) 2. Brought or reduced into (in), to a state, condition, etc, or under one's power (1432) 3. Of material things: Reduced to or [...]

A Haricot of Lamb

This slightly sour stew of mutton, parsley and onions is from the French cookbook Le Recuil de Riom, which dates from 1466. It was part of my 2007 Atlantian Pentathlon in Persona entry at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. Ung haricot de mouton despecié par menuz morceaux et ung poy parboullir. Et, quant il [...]